Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lily flowers

Swetha's lily flowers made up of white and green tissue paper.  The red flower is her own imagination craft and she named it is rose ha ha.  Very good swetha keep on rocking.

Materials required:

Tissue paper
Green pipecleaners or straws
Tape or glue

step 1:   Trace a child' hand on tissue paper.  Cut the tracing out.
Step 2:  Curl each of the fingers around a pencil
Step 3: Using the palm of the handprint, form  a cone(with the fingers curling outwards).  Glue or tape the cone together.
Step 3:  Staple the flower to a pipe cleaner or drinking straw.
Step 4:  Draw some leaves on green paper, then cut them out.
Step 5:  Staple or tape the leaves to the straw.
Step 6:  Or  you can also just roll green color paper on top of the straw.
Step 7: Make a few of these flowers for a beautiful bouquet.